Sangeetha Vidwan, Pt. T.N.Ashok, was felicitated at Mumbai !

The Students of Shri.T.N.Ashok, well wishers & Members of The Managing Committee of The Mysore Association, Bombay, cordially invite you to attend a “Guruvandana Programme & 60th Birthday Celebrations  of Sangeetha Vidwan , Bengaluru Shri. T.N.Ashok

Chief Guest :  Shri V.S.Amarnath Sury
(Vice president Shree Shanmukhananda Fine Arts & Sangeetha Sabha)

Presided by Vidwan Shri. G.Balasubrahmaniam on Sunday 23rd, Dec, 2018 at 6-15 pm.
Venue : The Mysore Association 393, First floor, Bhaudaji road,Matunga (CR)Mumbai-400019.  Followed by music Programme.

Details of the programme :

6-16 pm, Lighting of the lamp
Welcome speech,
Felicitation to Smt. T.N.Lakshmi (Mother of Vidwan T.N.Ashok)

Felicitation to Vidwan T.N.Ashok

Speech by Shri.G.Balasubrahmaniam
Chief guest Adress :
Acceptance speech by Shri.T.N.Ashok

Vote of thanks.

8 pm

Vocal music by the students of the Vidwan T.N.Ashok
1.Shri Omanakuttan nair
2.Shri.Pradeep rajagopal
4.Shri.Rohan nandan,Kum.T.Lavanya ashok,
5. Smt. Vanamala dikshit, Violin
6. Shri.L.A.Nath,Mridangam

8-30 pm
Vocal Duet Concert :

Smt. vasantha shankararaman
Smt.Revati natarajan
Smkt. Vanamala dikshit-Violin
Shri.S.Shankara ram-Mrindangam.

Dinner, was served at Shri Ganesh darbar hall ground floor





Shri. T.N. Ashok is addressing the audience at the Mysore association hall, Mumbai.sparkle


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Smt/Shri Holalkere venkatesh wished Smt/Shri. Ashok, best of health and a great Music journey, in the future life.



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  1. Pt. T. N. Ashok is a First grade artist of AIR, and has trained hundreds of Students in the Carnatic music category. We salute to his contributions. Let the legacy continue for many more years. As for music is concerned 60 years age is the right time to pursue his interest with authority and perfection. Let Godess Sarasvathi be with him, for ever and ever and ever….


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