कावॅड जल यात्रा,आयोजन कर्ता : श्री जगन्नाथ सेवा मंडल, मुंबई-400072 !

Shree Jagannath Seva Mandal, Shree Jagannath  Mandir Rd, Satya Nagar, Sakinaka, Mumbai-400  072,   organised this Yatra !

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Every year, this program is being arranged during the month of Shravan. The Pooja for the same was performed at Powai lake, (Ganapati immersion place) by the Kawdis.

The Yatra started from Powai,  and with sacred water and proceeded to Shree Himalayeshwar Mandir via Sakinaka JagannathMandir Rd, 90 Feet Rd,  Tilak Nagar, Asalpha and terminated at Shree Himalayeshwar Mandir (Himalayeshwar Mandir) between 11-00-12.pm.

The  following devotees took the lead :  

1. Mr. Anand Dhapola

2. Mr. Pradhan

3. Mr. Lalit Tiwari

4. Mr.Navin Tiwari

5. Adarsh mahila mandal



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