Yoga classes at the Himalaya joggers’ park, Ghatkopar (W),Mumbai !

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After our beloved Prime minister, Shri.Narendra  Modiji,  announced that Yoga should be practiced by his countrymen, all over, Mumbai is  keen in organizing Yoga  shibirs, in most of  the neighborhood ! The second topic is about the cleanliness drive. This is  the most needed thing particularly  from  the point of view  of the general health conditions of the citizens of the  metropolis. The places where the cleaning  of the garbage plays the main importance is near Railway stations,  and the gutters and drainage nalas. People should resort  to using cloth bags, to  collect the vegetables fruits, etc. They should stop insisting for polythene  bags. The state government made several rules to prevent using this types of plastic bags. But unless the citizens make up their mind not to use it it is impossible to eradicate this menace ! Prime minster of this country has great job to govern the huge country   India. It is impossible to take care of all the issues bothering the citizens of this nation starting from advising to clean their living places, to direct them to look after their health by good living practices.

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Shri. Himanshu, Pramanik, the yoga teacher has been conducting the  yoga classes since one week. All the residents of the Himalaya CHS are making use of this facility.

Now our Independence day is coming shortly. We have take  oath, so that our country marches forward, attaining all side  progress. Certain things are with public,  certain things government has been doing.